Justice for All

Love Thy Neighbor Institute

Social Justice Reform

Love Thy Neighbor Institute

What We Do to Achieve Social Justice for All

Protecting Voter Rights

LTNI’s work to protect our democracy includes increasing voter access to the polls, working to expand same-day and online voter registration and increasing voter education. We also work to remove barriers that prevent citizens from acquiring proper identification. The right to vote is essential to sustaining our democracy.

Increasing Housing Stability

LTNI’s work includes increasing access to housing down-payment assistance programs, housing tax credits and broadening rental assistance and rent controlled housing. We also partner with local communities to expand community development and revitalization projects to support neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Reimagining Our Penal System

For the last 25 years our team has been fighting to end injustices inflicted by America’s penal system. LTNI’s work includes eliminating solitary confinement, cash bail requirements, reducing the use of jails and prisons, broadening access to public or assisted housing, postsecondary education, food assistance and unemployment benefits.

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